Professional Dental Hygiene

This is where the health of your smile starts

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What is the secret of a perfect smile? It comes from you, and becomes better with us.

Let’s say you brush your teeth carefully with the right toothbrush, and floss your teeth. All these things are part of a correct oral hygiene. And yet tartar, plaque and stains can still build up, and become enemies you can’t get rid of.

If your regularly brush your teeth with care, but are not satisfied with the results, and if you seem to have a washed-out smile despite all your efforts, turn for help to our expert dentists for a professional dental hygiene session. You will immediately notice the difference.

At Freesmile Dental Center we use ultrasound and high-precision technology to guarantee you the best possible result, in total safety. At the end of the treatment we use a specific polishing product. Then your smile will shine like never before.
Advantages of Freesmile Dental Hygiene:
  • eliminates stains, tartar and plaque
  • prevents gingivitis and periodontitis
  • uses ultrasound technology for perfect results