Ceramic inlay

A meticulous treatment

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Hot and cold sensitivity in the mouth are symptoms that should not be ignored.

It’s very likely your tooth sensitivity is caused by incipient decay.

The First Freesmile Visit allows us to assess the extent of the damage. If the cavity is small, we will clean the affected tooth and reconstruct the part that has been damaged using the ceramic inlay technique. As opposed to a conventional filling this restoration is fabricated outside the mouth and then bonded into the tooth.
At our Freesmile Dental Center we succeed in creating ceramic inlays with meticulous precision thanks to CEREC, the German computer-assisted technology. A milling machine will create your inlay from block of ceramic of the same color of your tooth.

German scientific studies show that ceramic is stronger than composite resin and is biocompatible and anallergic. At Freesmile we choose this material to enhance your oral health.

Advantages of the Freesmile Ceramic Inlay:
  • the inlay is milled by a computer
  • ceramic is anallergic
  • ideal aesthetic results
  • long-lasting

Freesmile price:
For a ceramic inlay with written guarantee:€ 247.00

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