Tooth Whitening

Zoom in on beautiful teeth

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Do you want the whitest of white teeth? If you do, avoid those do-it-yourself remedies, which could do lasting damage to tooth enamel!
Place your trust in our Dental Center, and in a flash you’ll recover the confidence of a dazzling smile. The Freesmile dentists work only with the most advanced technologies and materials of certified quality.At the Freesmile Dental Center we use a Professional Whitening Kit. Gel is composed of a balanced pH of hydrogen peroxide which, activated by a special UV lamp, delicately penetrates the teeth, removing deep discoloration and stains, without ruining tooth enamel. The result can last up to a year, and the treatment can be repeated a number of times. You’ll never be without a smile on your lips.

Advantages of Freesmile Dental Whitening:

  • whiter teeth in less than an hour
  • limited cost
  • safe treatment

Useful information:

  • The treatment only applies to natural teeth; if the natural colour is very intense, the whitening may not give the results hoped for and a number of sessions may be necessary.
  • Teeth can react with sensitivity. These symptoms normally disappear in 2-3 days. In the case of patients who already suffer from dental hypersensitivity, the discomfort might be considerably increased.
  • In the days following the treatment it is advisable to avoid imbibing nicotine, wine, coffee and in general foods or drinks that might stain the teeth.
Freesmile price:
For a professional whitening of the teeth, with the whitening system: € 297.
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