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Guaranteed: you will smile and chew again like before.
We consider the titanium implant to be an excellent solution, for stability, safety and aesthetics.
If the amount of bone allows it, we recommend this solution to our patients.
With a small operation we insert a titanium pin inside the bone which will become the new root of the tooth or the support for the bridge.

At the Freesmile Dental Center we care about people’s quality of life, which is why we carry out the procedure in a dedicated room that observes the highest standards of hygiene and sterility. In this way we reduce the risk of bacterial contamination, the main cause of infection and therefore of unsuccessful implantation.

Furthermore, by using high quality titanium (biologically inert) we protect you from the possibility of implant rejection. Before applying the permanent teeth we wait for the complete healing of the tissues and the osseointegration of the implant.
In a short time you will find perfect chewing functionality!

The written guarantee on the total success of the intervention is further proof of the professionalism of our work.

Since 2006 to today, the results obtained have made all of our patients happy.

Advantages of the Freesmile Guaranteed Implant:

  • at the Freesmile Dental Center we have the tools to measure the amount of bone needed to insert an implant;
  • the titanium implant excludes any type of rejection;
  • the result is long-lasting and guaranteed in writing;
  • Correct chewing is restored.
Freesmile Price:

For a high quality titanium implant, including ceramic capsule, safe intervention in a dedicated room and written guarantee payable in 12 months at zero interest, book your First Freesmile Visit online!


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