Root Canal Treatment

Millimetric precision

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Is your cheek swollen and throbbing like your heart beat? Does it hurt when passing your tongue over your tooth?

If so, there is probably a bacterial infection that reached the inner part of your tooth. The nerve is inflamed, and this is why you are in pain.

It may happen that after the acute phase the pain goes away on its own. This is not a good sign, it means that the nerve is dead and bacteria are invading the bone around your tooth. Before granulomas or cysts form, and chewing becomes impossible, it is necessary to perform a root canal treatment, called endodontic procedure.

This procedure must be carried out with extreme care, because it is essential to eliminate the necrotic nerve completely, while making sure not to perforate the roots.  For this reason we at the Freesmile Dental Center use the most modern instruments of electronic endodontics to obtain a millimetric measurement of the root canals.

After this treatment it’s normal to experience a slight tooth ache. This will fade away and you will be back on smiling. Free of pain.

Advantages of the Freesmile Root Canal Treatment:
  • millimetric measurement of the root canals
  • careful elimination of bacteria and inflamed tissues
  • only the pain is removed, not the tooth
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