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Do you have problems with your teeth and wish to find a solution that will give you a healthy, attractive smile? Have you noticed that your teeth are weak and you want to protect them? Are you missing a tooth and you want to replace it with a bridge?

No need to worry:  dental capsules can solve your problems. If you have any doubts or questions about dental capsules, read the following article…


What are dental capsules?

Dental capsules are crowns that cover a tooth spoiled by cavities or cracking. Their main purpose is to reinforce the structure of the tooth, but they also serve to restore the tooth’s appearance.

They can be applied for a number of different reasons: to protect weak teeth, to cover ruined teeth or dental implants, to repair chipped teeth or to install a bridge between two teeth.

They are applied by the dentist during a number of different sessions. First the outer portion of the tooth is filed to make space to insert the capsule, then a mould is made for the casting of the capsule by the dental technician.


The materials used to make dental capsules 

Dental capsules can be made with a number of different materials. The first point to note is that they consist of two different layers: an internal one, comprising a metallic frame, and an external layer that, in most cases, is made from porcelain.

The inner portion is made from a metal alloy, of which there are a number of different types: zirconium oxide, gold alloy, platinum alloy and others as well. The external portion, on the other hand, is made of porcelain in most cases, a material very similar in appearance to a real tooth, though other materials can also be used, such as composite and resin.

All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns are made from only one layer, consisting of nothing but porcelain, and so they have no metallic parts. They were developed after the two-layer, composite crowns.

The strongpoint of all-ceramic dental capsules is that they give the tooth an appearance as close as possible to that of a natural tooth, with the added advantage that porcelain is an extremely biocompatible material.

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