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How often have you avoided smiling or speaking in public because of the braces in your teeth? How many times have you been forced to eat differently for fear that scraps of food could wind up lodged in the wires of your braces? Does your job put you in constant contact with people, and you would like to be able to talk freely?

Now there is a solution to all these problems: invisible braces that let you live your life more freely and confidently, without having to undergo any particular stress or sacrifices …


Less stress and more freedom with the invisible braces for teeth

Invisible braces for teeth are a tool that makes it possible to resolve problems tied to the alignment of teeth without having to install the standard type of braces, meaning those with the metal brackets and wires.

Thanks to the invisible braces technique, the teeth can be aligned while the patent continues to talk and smile without a worry.


The example of Invisalign

Invisible braces consist of a series of transparent strips that lead to small, painless shifts in the positioning of the teeth, until they reach the final alignment decided on by the dentist.

The fact that the braces are removable gives patients the chance to take them off and eat or brush their teeth without any problem, providing them with more freedom and a good deal less stress.

The strips are made of transparent resin and they are extremely thin, at only 0.3 mm. A set is custom-fitted for each patient, with the number of strips depending on the complexity of each case. The strips are replaced every 2 weeks, or once a month in the case of German braces.


Features of Invisalign

But how long does Invisalign treatment take?

There is no set period, because the time needed depends on the individual case and the change in position to be achieved, meaning that the treatment can last from a few months to a few years.

To make sure that the treatment is effective, and that it fulfils the objectives set, the patient must make the effort to wear the strips at all times, both day and night, taking them off only to eat and to clean the teeth.

Who is able to use the Invisalign invisible braces?

Before the patient undergoes a treatment of this type, the dentist must arrive at a precise diagnosis and draw up a plan of action. Many bite disorders and cases of crowded teeth can be resolved through the use of invisible braces.

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