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The teeth inside our mouths have specific features and names. Each of them serves a certain function and occupies a specific location. The bone structures that support them are the jawbones. The sum total of the teeth housed in the sockets of the upper jaw and the lower jaw constitute the dental arches.

The following article illustrates the features of the dental arches and the positioning of the teeth.


The structure of the dental arches

There are a total of 32 teeth in our mouths, divided equally between the upper arch, which holds 16 teeth, and the lower arch, where 16 more are found.

The bone that supports the upper teeth is the maxillary bone, while that housing the lower teeth is the mandibular.

Taken all together, the upper teeth make up the upper dental arch, which includes:

  • 4 incisors
  • 2 canines
  • 4 premolars
  • 6 molars (including the wisdom teeth)

The same holds for the lower dental arch.


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