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Dental abrasion is a mechanical process that causes wear on tooth enamel. This wear is caused by friction and can lead to a reduction in enamel substance

In a short time, it can damage the surface of teeth, making them more sensitive and susceptible to dental problems.

It is important to pay attention to dental health by taking preventive measures to avoid tooth abrasion and preserve enamel.

The Main Causes of Dental Abrasion

Dental abrasion, a phenomenon involving the wear and tear of tooth enamel, can be caused by several factors. One of the main causes lies in aggressive brushing.

Using toothbrushes with hard bristles or an overly vigorous brushing technique can accelerate the abrasion process.
Therefore, it is essential to educate people on the correct brushing technique, which mainly involves the use of toothbrushes with soft bristles to reduce the risk of damaging enamel.
Besides brushing, another cause of tooth abrasion is the use of abrasive toothpastes.

Some toothpastes contain particles that, if used excessively or for a prolonged period, can contribute to enamel erosion.
Another significant cause is the nervous chewing of hard objects such as pens or nails.

These actions can generate friction on the teeth, contributing to enamel wear over time. Young people today are more prone to this type of behaviour and should be educated to avoid it.
The excessive consumption of acidic foods and drinks is a further factor. Acidic foods can weaken enamel making teeth more vulnerable to abrasion.
Moderation in the intake of acidic foods and rinsing the mouth after their consumption can help mitigate this risk.
Bruxism, or teeth grinding at night, is another element to consider.

The constant pressure exerted during bruxism can cause wear and abrasion leading to a decrease in tooth enamel over time.
Individuals suffering from this condition should visit their dentist who will recommend the best night guard.

Oral piercings can also play a role in tooth abrasion.
Objects such as tongue or lip piercings can come into contact with teeth, causing rubbing, wear and in the event of an impact, even fractured teeth.
Finally, tobacco smoke is a major oral health hazard.

Tobacco products contain harmful chemicals that contribute directly or indirectly to tooth enamel wear, as well as being associated with a number of other oral diseases.

In conclusion, preventing dental abrasion requires a holistic approach that includes proper oral hygiene, judicious choice of dental care products and awareness of harmful behaviour.

Diagnosis and treatment

Collaboration with a dental professional can be invaluable for a personalised assessment and for implementing the most suitable prevention strategies for each individual.

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