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The FreeSmile Spirit

Freesmile is much more than a dental center.

It is a meeting place made up of people for people. Where the quality of the performances and the professionalism of the specialists does not create distance but builds relationships of trust. This is the Freesmile Spirit and it is the character that distinguishes our Team. Genuinely passionate about our work. Authentically close to you.

The Dr. Dr. Michael Schmitz, physician-surgeon and dentist, graduated from the prestigious German university RWTH in Aachen, member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, founded Freesmile in 2006, inspired by the modern dental centers of Germany, Switzerland and the United States. Successfully select and lead the Freesmile Team.

For very delicate cases or if you are looking for a Aesthetic Dentist in Rome with very high specialization and experience, you can contact the Dental Practice of Dr. Schmitz directly.

Meet our team:

  • Michael Schmitz, who visits each patient and manages the Team
  • German and Italian dentists, selected and personally guided by Dr. Schmitz
  • Consultants at your disposal for administrative and organizational matters
  • Experienced and friendly dental Assistants to put you at ease
  • Efficient and helpful Receptionists, to manage optimally your appointments.

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