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Do you always have a smile for everyone?

Do you always give your best and look for constant improvement? Can you listen to patients and do everything to help them? If so, at Freesmile you’ll feel at home.

We are looking for professionals who take to heart the well-being of individuals seeking help: skilled staff able to establish relationships of trust with the patient and the work team. You should be strongly motivated to work up to the quality standards of German dentistry. We are on the look-out for people who are genuinely committed to and passionate about their work.

If you recognise in you the Freesmile Spirit, and have experience but wish to advance your skills in all the latest dental techniques, and if you are young and want to have in Italy the experience that you could find in Germany, fill out the form and send in your application.

We will carefully assess your CV, even if the position you are looking for is not currently vacant. Your personal details will be handled in full compliance with the law governing privacy.

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