Gum Curettage

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Gum Curettage
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The winner is the one who has the best defence!

If you have neglected your gums so that they are swollen and bleeding, it is possible that tartar and bacteria have succeeded in infiltrating the gum lining, building up in pockets into the gum.

As the inflammation, called periodontitis, progresses, it seriously threatens the stability of your teeth. Do not run the risk of losing them, make the right move now. Immediately arrange your First Freesmile Visit, and our expert dentists will carry out a specific examination to assess the depth of the periodontal pockets, and will come to your defence with a Gum Curettage.

With a high-precision instrument they will carefully clean out the gingival groove freeing it from all bacteria. To aviod you any discomfort, they will first administer a painless anaesthetic, and at the end of the treatment they will disinfect the area with an antiseptic solution. Immediately after your teeth may feel slightly sensitive, but this feeling will gradually diminish.

Already after 2-3 days you will notice the change: the gums will no longer be red, swollen and sore. You will have defeated the inflammation.

Advantages of the Freesmile Gum Curettage:
  • maintains tooth stability
  • protects the health of the gums
  • cures inflammation