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Have you decided to undergo dental implantology to replace some missing teeth, but you do not enough bone for insertion of the implants? Today that is no longer a problem, seeing that you can opt for dental bone regeneration. The following article provides some useful information on dental bone regeneration and the different techniques used, in particular Bio-Oss.

The bone and dental implantology

When teeth are missing, one possible solution for replacig them is dental implantology. This technique consists of inserting artificial titanium roots directly into the maxillary or mandibular bones and then mounting prostheses on the artificial roots.

If there is not enough bone, it is impossible to carry out dental implants. Many patients who chose implantology suffer from periodontitis, an illness that can cause, among other things, recession of the gums ad loss of bone.

Fortunately there is a solution for this problem, meaning that dental implantology is still a possibility. How? Through dental bone regeneration.


The techniques 

There are different techniques for obtaining dental bone regeneration, with the most widely used and proven approach consisting of applying a special membrane, in the form of titanium mesh or a re-absorbable membrane, underneath which the filling material that will go to make up the new bone tissue is inserted.

This filling material can be a piece of our own bone, taken from the jaw or the hip, of an artificial bone made from biocompatible synthetic material that, after being irrigated with blood, is made a part of the bone.

The first technique, which could be referred to as a “self-transplant”, is a very complex, difficult operation that calls for two different surgical sessions.

The second approach is simpler, but could result in scarce irrigation of the artificial bone with blood.



One of the main surgical techniques for obtaining effective dental bone regeneration involves using specific filling materials to build to reconstruct the lost bone tissue.

One of the most reliable materials, providing highly predictable results, is Bio-Oss®. This bovine bone is freeze-dried and denatured, meaning that the organic component has been removed, which makes it totally biocompatible, and so it can be inserted in the place of missing bone.

The material imbibes blood, making possible, once a stable coagulate has been formed, the generation of a new, natural bone for the patient.

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