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Do you have problems with your teeth that undermine your health and your quality of life? Are you looking for the right solution to your needs, in order to solve your problems and improve the appearance of your teeth? If so, and you are looking for a dentist in Rome who can hep you do just that, then read the article that follows to find out about the main techniques of dental aesthetics …
Healthy teeth and a good-looking smile

Proper care of the teeth and the mouth is extremely important not only for our health, but also because having a nice smile improves our quality of life and our self-confidence.

This is what dental aesthetics is for, thanks to a series of techniques and different types of procedures designed to leave patients with healthy, good-looking smiles: veneers, inlays, teeth bleaching and all-ceramic crowns.
Dental veneers 

These are thin strips of porcelain that are bonded to the natural teeth using a special adhesive technique, in order to hide imperfections.

They play a double role, both improving appearance and reinforcing the tooth during the chewing phase.

When are dental veneers called for?

In cases where the desired outcome is to improve the form, colour or positioning of the teeth, such as when there is too much space between one tooth and the next.
Dental inlays

Dental inlays are used when a significant portion of a tooth is decayed or has been knocked out.

Made from porcelain, a durable, biocompatible material, dental inlays are inserted directly into the tooth cavity to rebuild the original form of the tooth and improve its appearance.

Seeing that they have no metal parts, they let the light pass through, guaranteeing an excellent aesthetic effect, and the fact that porcelain is a biocompatible material means that they adapt very well to the human body.
Teeth bleaching

The colour of teeth can change over time for a variety of reasons. There are a number of possible causes: they can become darker with advancing age, they can turn yellow due to smoking, they can change colour because they absorb pigment from food and beverages.

Bleaching is a technique that gives teeth back their natural colour or, if preferred, it can leave them looking “Hollywood” white.

The professional form of the treatment consists of applying a gel to the teeth with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide that is rapidly absorbed, thanks to special lamps.

Teeth bleaching can be done at home as well: in this case, strips containing the gel are applied for a number of hours a day, for a few days at a time. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is decidedly lower than in the case of the professional treatment.

To achieve the best result, the obvious choice is the professional treatment, seeing that it is more rapid and lasts longer.
All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns are capsules that have no metal parts, being made entirely of ceramic materials.

This means that light passes through them, guaranteeing an excellent effect in terms of appearance, to the point where the restored tooth looks very much like a natural one.

The only drawback is that, in order to fit the crowns, the teeth on which they are to be installed must be filed.

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