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Is it true that it is easier to lose teeth during pregnancy?
No, pregnancy itself does not cause you to lose your teeth. If you already have gum problems, pregnancy can make them worse due to hormonal imbalances. It is therefore very important to have a check-up before starting a pregnancy.

Can gum infections harm the fetus?
The presence of periodontitis can be a source of infection for pregnant women. The bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the periodontal pockets and reach the fetus. According to some studies there is a correlation between low birth weight, pre-term birth and pre-eclampsia (maternal hypertension) and periodontitis. About 12% of pregnancies end in a premature birth due to causes of periodontitis (Bobetsis, Barros and Offenbacher, JADA, 137).

My child eats toothpaste, what should I do?
Too much toothpaste can be harmful to your stomach. For this reason it is recommended to put only a small amount on the toothbrush. Better yet, use children’s toothpaste.

Can dental and gum problems result from genetic factors?
The texture and appearance of teeth and gums can be inherited. Bacteria cannot. Therefore there are subjects who can inherit a certain predisposition to a disease. For example, if we know we have weaker teeth, we must insist more on hygiene. Good oral hygiene can also overcome genetic defects. Other problems such as edentulism at birth and malocclusion may instead be directly linked to genetic factors.

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