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Root canal treatment is an orthodontic treatment, also more commonly called “root canal“, what it is and when it becomes necessary. Root canal treatment is used for multiple reasons: trauma, necrosis, or for cavities so extensive that they have infected the dental pulp. The goal of the operation is to save an important element in order to mantain healthy chewing and smiling.

But how does it work?

Devitalizing a tooth consists of removing the pulp tissue, at both roots and coronal level, replacing it with the permanent filling, it is essential to clean the canals well and close them completely. Imprecise root canal treatment can actually lead to the formation of cysts and abscesses, leading to tooth loss.

The more precise the treatment, the more likely it is to save the tooth.

To obtain these results it is important to have high quality materials and technologies, but above all, the precision and qualification of the dentist count.

As we can see, it is very important not to underestimate orthodontic therapy. We at Freesmile put all our experience and heart into safeguarding your smile.

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