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For eleven years I wore lower and upper removable prostheses, I could no longer eat, social discomfort was very high and my goal was to have fixed lower and upper dentures. Then I told myself that I would like to resolve this situation within two years, and among the various offers I saw that of Freesmile, where I made an appointment during which I was struck by the preparation of the doctors. They inserted the bone as it was scarce, they first placed the fixed prosthesis but then, when they fixed the upper prosthesis, my first desire was to look at myself in the mirror and smile brightly to be able to say “I finally made it!”.

I’m so happy!

I can only say kind words about Team Freesmile. A splendid team, made up of doctors who gave me support, because on my part there was a lot of fear. The assistants were also very good, a fantastic team that I would recommend to anyone with my problem.

Come and get a beautiful smile!

PRENOTA ORA 06 33 33 377