Zirconia Ceramic Bridge

An invisible support for your smile

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Every tooth is important.
The gap left by the loss of a tooth as a result of a periodontal condition, decay, or an accident, should be filled immediately. In taking care of your smile we also look for the most suitable solution to your specific type of problem.
zirconia ceramic bridge allows you to recover a correct chewing action, without the need for surgery. It is a quick solution that is minimally invasive and totally invisible. We recommend a zirconia ceramic bridge when it is not possible to place an implant because of lack of bone and/or when the adjacent teeth have to be treated, or have been treated in the past.
These teeth will in fact become the abutments for the bridge, and have to be prepared in order to fit the prosthetic work.In the past the materials used to fabricate a bridge contained a metal coping that over time caused gum recession, compromising the aesthetics with a dark gingival line.
To guarantee the optimum result in terms of quality and aesthetics, we at Freesmile Dental Center only use zirconia ceramic bridges. This is the latest generation material, totally anallergic, and with the best resistance, strength and durability. The precision of our dentists, the experience of our technicians and the translucency of the material will give you an absolutely natural result.
Advantages of the Freesmile Zirconia Ceramic Bridge:
  • a quick solution
  • does not require surgery
  • not related to the quantity of bone
  • biocompatible and anallergic
  • high aesthetics
Freesmile price:

For a 3-element zirconia ceramic bridge with written guarantee (a solution for replacing a missing tooth):  1,497€ (payable over 12 months at zero interest).

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