Periodontal Surgery

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Periodontal Surgery
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Did you know that the same bacteria that cause periodontitis can also colonise and cause havoc in other areas of the body, including the coronary arteries?
Protect both your heart and your smile: peridontitis has to be stopped in time. Book your First Freesmile Visit, and with a digital orthopanoramic radiograph we will assess the extent of the inflammation. If it has reached the deepest tissues, we will advise a surgical procedure.

With a small incision in the gum we are able to reach the surface of the dental root and the deepest part of the pocket in which the bacteria have collected. The infected part is cleansed with great precision, and the presence of bacteria eliminated. At the end of the procedure we seal the gum with small stitches to make it adhere perfectly to the surface of the tooth.

At the Freesmile Dental Center we have a room dedicated to surgical procedures, to guarantee patients the maximum hygiene and to assure you that the treatment will be a complete success. We will stand by you throughout the whole healing process, planning a tailor-made course of therapy, with regular periodontal examinations and treatments to maintain the health of your gums, such as our Dental Hygiene and Gum Curettage treatments.

Advantages of the Freesmile Periodontal Surgery:
  • eliminates inflammation
  • completely cures the periodontitis
  • improves dental stability
  • improves general health
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