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How long is the wait to make an appointment?
The appointment is scheduled approximately after a week, but for patients with pain we do everything we can to help them on the same day.

What does the first visit consist of?
The First Freesmile Visit includes:

– an in-depth visit;
– an oral cancer screening;
– a periodontal check-up;
– a high definition digital orthopanoramic (for internal use only);
– the assistance of one of our Consultants for clarifications on treatments and administrative support;
– a clear and immediate quote;
– personalized payment terms with possibility of interest free installements;
– a written guarantee of Freesmile treatments.

Is it possible to take an x-ray for free in your facility?
The first visit is without obligation and also includes a high definition orthopanoramic, but only for internal use, which is used by doctors to make an accurate diagnosis.

What are the payment methods?
Payment can be done in installments through a finance company even at zero interest, or it can be made for the treatments carried out that day.

Which systems are used for sterilization?
For sterilization we follow the German protocol. The instruments are cleaned, disinfected, packaged and sterilized in the 134° autoclave.

Is the aesthetic part evaluated?
At Freesmile, we take care of the patient’s health by helping them solve their problem, but obviously we are also very attentive to the aesthetic aspect.

Is there a possibility to see what the result could be on my mouth?
We are able to show the patient what the outcome of our treatments could be by showing them photos and models.

Is every operation performed under anesthesia? And if so, what type of anesthesia is used? Does it change depending on the intervention?
Not all operations require anesthesia. In those where it is necessary, we use local anesthesia. Even in a more invasive scenario, with local anesthesia, we are able to operate without the patient feeling any pain.

How long does the effect of anesthesia last?
It depends mainly on the type of anesthetic used, generally, the one with a vasoconstrictor lasts about two hours, the one without about an hour.

After which surgery can pain or swelling appear?
Typically, after oral surgery, including periodontal surgery and dental implantology.

If pain or swelling appears after the treatment, what should I do?
Post-operative pain can be easily controlled with painkillers prescribed by Freesmile doctors. The amount of post-operative swelling can be reduced by applying ice to the affected area, as directed by our doctors.

Are post-operative checks free?
Yes, they are included in the treatment plan.

What type of patients can be treated in your clinic? Children?People with disabilities? And if so, are there suitable structures?
All patients can be treated at Freesmile, even children. The clinic is also equipped for disabled patients.

What are your working hours? Is there a continued schedule?
We work all day, on Saturdays and Sundays we remain closed for the time being.

Do you have a dedicated surgery room?
Yes, two rooms equipped and dedicated to surgical operations, even the most complex ones. The rooms are completely compliant with international sterility protocols.

Are the operations performed under local or total anesthesia?
The operations are done under local anesthesia. It is not necessary to resort to total anesthesia, with the associated risks.

Do you cure periodontitis? Do you treat it with laser?
Yes, we treat periodontitis with gingival curettage and periodontal surgery depending on the severity of the situation. We do not use laser because, it is our opinion, that current laser therapy is not yet able to guarantee precise modeling of bone and gum.

Do you do bone reconstruction?
Yes, in cases where there is not enough bone to insert implants or in the case of periodontal disease when the bone needs to be re-stabilized.

Is the bone you use synthetic or organic?
Biological. We use freeze-dried and denatured bovine bone, i.e. free of organic component, totally biocompatible which is inserted where there is a lack of bone. The Swiss material belongs to the safest materials currently available on the world market.

What material are your capsules made of?
We have chosen to make capsules mainly in ceramic-zirconium because it is a material that protects against allergic reactions and guarantees an optimal aesthetic effect. Unlike crowns made with a metal fusion, those made of zirconium ceramic have a translucency that makes them as beautiful as natural teeth. Even with the passage of time, our capsules never show a black border, but maintain a natural appearance.

Do you have an on-site laboratory?
No, we source from external laboratories, carefully selected.

Can you guarantee that I won’t feel any pain with the anesthesia?
Yes, local anesthesia manages to eliminate pain during the operation, but the pressure, touching and pushing continue to be felt, so these sensations should not be confused with pain.

Do you do composite fillings?
>Yes, this material allows the filling to be made in the same color as the natural tooth. It is composed of composite resin particles and is inserted into the tooth cavity immediately after the removal of the decayed tissue. With the composite, especially the front teeth can be reconstructed with advanced aesthetics, for the reconstruction on the molars we use ceramic.

Can you place implants even with little bone?
Usually yes, if there is not enough bone to insert the implants we resort to bone regeneration.

Do you use veneers in your clinic?
Yes, we use dental veneers to solve aesthetic problems (to close spaces between teeth, discoloration, fractured teeth) and especially misalignment.

Do you have an orthodontist on site?
Yes, we have an experienced orthodontist to treat adults and children with major teeth alignment and malocclusion problems.

Is it possible to pay in installments?
It is possible to pay the amount of treatment in installments via financial institution.

Are there any agreements?
Yes, to offer treatments at even more advantageous conditions to our patients, we have entered into a quality agreement with over 50 prestigious private companies and public bodies.

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