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You have lost some teeth and you wish to replace them through implantology, but without spending a lot? You are looking for a dental practice that installs low-cost dental implants? If this is the case, then first find out about the quality of the product you purchase, and especially about its capacity for osseointegration. The following article explains why there are significant differences in price between the various brands of dental implants …
Differences in the cost of dental implants from one dental practice to another

An increasing number of dental practices offer dental implants at exceptionally low prices, but you have to be very careful and avoid basing your decision solely on the price!

Before accepting a service, you should first find out about its quality and the guarantees offered.

But why, at times, is there such a large difference in price between different brands of implants and different dental centres?

As pointed out earlier, it depends on the quality of the service. There are hundreds of companies that produce dental implants in different markets throughout the world, but only a few dozen can point to documentation and experimentation that allows them to be recognised worldwide.
The best dental implants: Premium-price or low-cost

This is why the world market for dental implants is divided into two categories: premium-price implants and low-cost implants. The first type is more costly, but thanks to the support of clinical experimentation, research and results obtained over time, and demonstrated scientifically, they are the best dental implants. Low-cost implants, on the other hand, do not meet those standards, and quite often draw on old patents or clone other products, with their commercial success being tied to their low price.
Quality is important

For the end result of dental implantology to be perfect, it must guarantee integration between the titanium implant and the bone, in other words osseointegration, the term introduced by Prof. Branemark in the late 1960’s.

With low-cost dental implants the probability of osseointegration is reduced, because the companies that produce them do not invest in research or experimentation. Those who chose such implants risk purchasing a product that could fail or not provide the necessary guarantees over time.

It is impossible to obtain reliable, high-performing dental implants by spending only a few hundred euro, because a job well done, resulting in an implant that lasts over time, must necessarily meet certain standards.

The quality of the product is a fundamental factor, but the surgeon must also be a skilled professional, the right equipment must be used during the insertion of the implant, sterility must be maintained throughout the procedure, and the members of the team performing the procedure must all be highly qualified.


The Freesmile Center

The Freesmile Centre uses only high quality implants, but at truly reasonable prices. The implants present an excellent quality/price ratio, while the centre itself is staffed by an international team led by a German physician … an ideal combination of Italian passion and German precision!

If you are looking for quality implants, but without having to spend any more than necessary, then you have come to the right place. When you contact the Freesmile Centre, you can make an appointment for a initial check-up and a digital panoramic exam free of charge, after which you will receive an estimate indicating the solution that best meets your needs.

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