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All-on-4® is an innovative implant technique that makes it possible to replace mobile dentures with fixed teeth and solve cases of total edentulism successfully. The new thing about this technique is the possibility of applying a particular prosthesis (called Toronto Bridge) for a whole arch, which can be supported by only 4 dental implants in titanium, inserted in specific points. These anchoring points ensure perfect stability of the future prostheses and full respect for the distribution of the masticatory forces.

This is a revolutionary procedure regarded as one of the most important innovations of recent years in the field of dentistry. In fact, this technique enables rehabilitation of completely edentulate patients, thanks to a fast and minimally invasive procedure.


All-on-4® in the Malo Clinic

The All-on-4® brand was registered in 2003 by Nobel Biocare and described by the Portuguese dentist Paulo Malo. Nobel Biocare is the world leader in the field of innovative dental solutions, and it applies All-on-4® successfully in thousands of cases all over the world.

After carefully studying the mechanics of the masticatory forces and evaluating the most favourable positions, Dr Malo picked out the positions suitable for obtaining excellent primary stability with only 4 dental implants. The Portuguese dentist performs All-on-4® implant procedures at his Malo Clinic in Lisbon.


All-on-4® in Freesmile

The quality of procedures performed in the Malò clinics is very high, but the costs are high too. This is because All-on-4® is not an easy to use technique. Very often the patients that need this type of procedure have serious bone deficiencies, which can prevent the insertion of the implants, and generally have rather complex situations. That is why it is important to rely on reputable and skilled professionals.

In Freesmile, by means of All-on-4®, we have for several years been assisting patients from all over Italy and even from abroad, having serious problems of lack of teeth and bone, to have fixed teeth again. We can maintain high standards of quality with a cost decidedly lower than the Malò clinics and the average. In our centre in Rome we insert more than 2,000 implants a year (which is why we are one of the biggest implant centres in Europe) with a procedure success rate of 99.4%.

Thanks to our internal protocols we can cut the time needed for the All-on-4® procedures back by half. This enables us to reduce the cost of the treatment by more than 60%. In our Rome centre we can offer rehabilitation of the whole arch at only 3,950 euro. In this way we can help very many people who could not afford to spend high amounts.

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